Welcome to Tracks to Some Place

Books_Both_Combo_300.jpgHello and welcome to Tracks to Some Place! 

This is a first of what will become a series of books dealing with railway operations and equipment in Queensland, both present day and in the recent past. Railways aren’t about trains on tracks all the time, and my aim is to provide some other infrastructure images in the future volumes, images of items that are essential to the operation of a rail network that which rarely are given the light of day. 

In the future I hope to have a range of ready-to-run Sn3 ½ models of Queensland Railways prototypes wagons and a locomotive or two. This scale is 1/64 but as QR runs on 1067mm gauge in reality, the Sn3 ½ models runs on HO/OO scale track, so anyone with a Hornby or Bachmann of LifeLike train set can just put the models on track they already have and let them go! I always wanted a QR model train when I was growing up but no one had any ready-to-run models of QR prototypes so it was never an option, so I hope to give others an opportunity that wasn’t there when I was growing up.